Madrid Transplantation Society
Sociedad Madrileña de Trasplantes

The Madrid Transplantation Society (MTS) and the Foundation of MTS were established in 2006. The Society includes surgeons, transplant physicians, immunologists, specialists in infectious diseases and transplant coordinators working in the Community of Madrid. Notably, Madrid is the only city that performs all solid organ transplants including bowel and multivisceral transplantation in adults and pediatric patients. The Foundational Council was composed by Dr. Jose M. Morales, President, Dr. Valentin Cuervas-Mons and Dr. Andres Varela, Vice-Presidents. The MTS together with other regional societies, Catalan and Andalucia, founded the Spanish Society of Transplantation (SET) in 2009, while maintaining very close collaboration.

The MTS organized six Congresses (biannually), two of them included a Joint Meeting with the American Society of Transplantation. Concerning investigation, the MTS have supported pioneer clinical investigations such as transplantation with expanded criteria donors (renal, liver and lung), and donation after circulatory death with controlled and uncontrolled DCD, normothermic perfusion of donor lungs for preservation and assessment with the Organ Care System Lung before bilateral transplantation, among others. Other important activities have been educational initiatives, such as Courses with Primary Care Physicians, Courses of Renal Transplantation in Latin America and support of transplant activities in Madrid. MTS currently has 120 members. In 2012, the MTS took the initiative together with SET (Spanish Society of Transplantation) to present the candidacy of Madrid to be the host city for the 2018 TTS Congress. In June 2014, Madrid was officially declared the winner in competing with Buenos Aires and Montreal.

Since November 2015, the current council is composed of Dr. Amado Andres, President and Dr. Carlos Jimenez and Ana Sanchez-Frucutoso, Vice-presidents.

Both SET and MTS are working hard (in collaboration with the Madrid Convention Bureau and IFEMA) to organize an amazing scientific Congress in July 2018.


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